Finding area of a square

Calculating the area of the square from the perimeter is very simple, because let's remember that the perimeter is the sum of all the sides. Therefore, given that

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Calculating Square Area

Learn the formula for calculating the area of a square (Area= side2). Since the length of the sides of all the squares is equal, you can multiply it by

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Do you know how to calculate the area and perimeter of a square

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Square Area

The perimeter is the sum of all its sides. Therefore, a square is the sum of its four sides. In the first example, if the side measures 12 cm.
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The area of the square is equal to side by side. Exercise Calculate the area of a square of side 5 cm. A = 52 = 25 cm2.

Square: solved problems

The area of a square is calculated from one of its sides (a). It is the product of the base times the height of the square, since since both are equal,

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3 ways to find the area of a square

SQUARE AND RECTANGLE AREA. The area of a square is equal to the square of the length of the side. The area of a rectangle is the product of the length of the sides.

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