Right riemann sum equation

Riemann sums right and left We saw at the beginning of the topic of integrals that we use rectangles to approximate integrals.

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Riemann sums right and left

In general, Riemann sums are of the form ∑ i = 1 n f ( x i ∗ ) △ x where each x i ∗ is the value we use to find the length of the rectangle in the subinterval i t h For example, the maximum value of the function in each subinterval to find the upper sums and the minimum value of the function in 6 May 2022

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Riemann sum

These sums take their name from the German mathematicianBernhard Riemann. the abscissa axis and the vertical lines of equations x=a and x=b.
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Finding an Integral using Riemann Sum

In mathematics, the Riemann Sum is a type of approximation of the value of an integral by a finite sum. It is named after the German mathematician

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